How Mozoo uses FraudShield to fight Advertising Fraud and save money every day.

Last week we met up with Senior Product & Innovation Manager from, Basile Wagner. Mozoo is an Advertising Network with offices in Paris, London, Hong Kong, San Francisco and Los Angeles with over 100 employees. We wanted to find out about his latest insights on fraud in the advertising industry and why Mozoo is using FraudShield to […]

What is a VPN and how fraudsters use it to trick you.

In order to better understand the mechanisms of a VPN (Virtual Private Network) it is necessary to explain the basic structure of an internet connection. Generally, when you connect to the internet you will be instantly routed to an Internet Service Provider (ISP), which then connects you to any website or other applications that you […]

How fraudsters steal your hard earned money and what tactics they use.

It’s the hard truth, but Fraud exists anywhere you go. Governments, Politicians and guess what, there are also fraudsters in the marketing and advertising industry. Especially performance based marketing is filled with suspicious activities where fraudsters try to steal hard earned commissions from advertisers and networks like you. According to this article by Fortune Magazine […]

A Guide to CPI Fraud and How To Stop Fraudulent Conversions.

Mobile Affiliate Networks who work on a CPI (Cost Per Install) basis provide offers that pay for every app install made. App Developers, Affiliates and media buyers use this opportunity to earn money by promoting these offers and products. With an average CPI payout, ranging from $1 – $10, this business can be a lucrative deal […]